Card Deck

Our flagship product - Card Deck is the first iPhone / iPod Touch deck of cards!

Unlike its imitators, Card Deck is not simply a cards simulation app. It's really a fully functional deck of cards. With fifty-two cards plus two Jokers, and every action necessary to play cards with your friends built right in, the number of games you can play with it is almost endless.

Shuffle, cut, draw, and deal cards out to your friends on the table. Lots of players? No problem - just go to the Options Menu and make the cards smaller to give you all more room.

Playing poker, Big 2, or Go Fish? No problem - with up to four player hand areas you can easily play cards just like you would with a normal deck.

There are even some advantages over a normal deck of cards:
You can play cards on a bus or in a moving vehicle - the iPhone / iPod is your table.
You can't cheat with this app - dropping, hiding, and sleeving cards is impossible.
Our Card Deck app allows you to change the card designs and table appearance, so you'll never get tired of the way your deck looks!
Customize your deck or table with your own photos - make a deck with a picture of your family or a loved one.

Visit the App Store and get your deck of cards today!